Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ah, The Great Outdoors (Backcountry)

Starr copyClick on this-- Backcountry – The Magazine for Hunters, Anglers, and Other Outdoor Enthusiasts in North Idaho.--Thenn--nnn, scroll down to page 20 and 'Whalla!!!'  you will be immediately confronted with Backcountry Magazine.  My short story, entitled “Diversions,” is at page 20. 
Question--I wonder if it is 'egotistical' of me to link to a short story that I wrote and which was published. Naw--besides, I would not give a rat's ass if it was. (Now THAT last statement could potentially be considered (by a low self esteemed crackpot venturing onto this blog cite) as  being egotistical). Ha!


Cedar Street Kid said...

Hey, very nice. I am confused a bit about the "family ranch"? in Silverton, but it was a good story, and the ending was a great point.

Go Figure said...

Cedar: That is called 'literary license'. Hmmm. HA! Besides, I was a very confused child! HA!