Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anonymous Posting = Trash

Recently when I checked my blog I notice that I had a post awaiting review. When I read the post I noticed that it mentioned something about this blog being 'egotistical' about a comment I posted concerning COORS beer. I was confused that ANYONE would take issue with a pro-COORS beer post, but it was good for a very hearty laugh. (Is that a sign of being egotistical? Ha!). For the future reference of 'Anonymous', I do feel that I should note that posts submitted by someone who calls him/herself 'Anonymous' are generally placed where they belong--in the trash. If I 'know' who the 'Anonymous' poster really is, I allow the post to be published.  In short, since I could never imagine that anyone would ever think that I am 'egotistical', on a subject so near and dear as COORS beer, the post went to the trash. (Is that being 'egotistical? Ha!) Everyone that generally visit my blog, all three or four of them, should feel free to submit whatever posts they want. However, I hope that 'Anonymous' realizes that when I choose between the 'post button' and the 'trash button' I always consider the source first. If the source is 'Anonymous' I generally give the submitted post the credit it is due--and then push the 'trash button'. Ha! So, if it makes 'Anonymous' feel better, submit away, but know that trash gets sent to where it belongs--the trash. Ha!


Cedar Street Kid said...

How can one be egotistical about beer? Boone's Farm Wine, maybe, but not beer!

Go Figure said...

Cedar: Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!!!

MarmiteToasty said...

Coors Beer is washing up water haha x

Go Figure said...

Marmite Toasty??? It can't be!
If it truly is MT, then how is "Cowie"?