Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thought for the Day

793 P.2d 1223 (Idaho 1990)

117 Idaho 1051

Leonard Leroy LONG, Plaintiff-Appellant,


James Elmer HENDRICKS and Blanche H. Hendricks, Defendants-Respondents.

No. 17635.

Supreme Court of Idaho.

May 29, 1990

BISTLINE, Justice, dissenting.

A general rule seems to be developing in this Court that the more serious the injury, the poorer are the chances for being fully compensated, which is stated having in mind the Court's opinion in Frank v. Bunker Hill Co., 117 Idaho 790, 792 P.2d 815 (1988) (addendum filed 1990), and now in the case of Long in his action against Mr. & Mrs. Hendricks, concerning which I now write.
Hmm...Go Figure.

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