Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day Dream Believer

Definition: Day Dream Believer. 1. Stan Kebo. 2. Unrealistic expection in the honesty and truthfulness of others.


Cedar Street Kid said...

You I what? I cannot even count the number of times that someone that I wanted to trust tried to pull a scam on me during my hotel days. But, here is the kicker, I still believe in people,and I would rather be scammed then to become totally cynical,doubt all people and trust no one. Judging from your posts and what I know of you, I think that you are still surprised when people lie, and it is a good sign that you still are surprised, even after all of those years that you have labored in the law trenches.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Wow, I just proof read my post. I must have been asleep when I typed it.

Go Figure said...

Naw, just a good ol Wa-Hi interpretation of the Engleesh lingo!