Monday, September 24, 2012

Kelso 0 Elk 3

Three days of archery hunting, climbing the mountains, dressed in camo, and liberally doused with elk urine. Great fun, great time with the two boys, but no meat. I saw a doe (way to early to shoot a doe when a buck might be around later in the season, a beautiful black bear, and my oldest son got within 20 yards of two cow elk (no season on them thanks to wolves and the Fish & Game) and within 60 yards of a huge bull elk.

Moral of the story, when else can one get all dressed up in camo, reak of elk urine, have a great time with the boys, and get nods of approval from quick stop clerks?

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Cedar Street Kid said...

Looks to me like quality time with your sons is the biggest score of all. Glad you had that time, It is very special.