Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band?

I'm just a person.
Wandering the face of this earth,
Meeting so many people,
Who are seeking justice.

While wandering I hear many words,
And see so many tears of other wanderers.

If you too seek justice
And  if you too see problems,
Don't tell me to be quiet,
I see problems too.

Often people just want to know
Who is driving the bus.
What a help that would be.

So if you seek justice,
Not just as a word on a postage stamp,
Please don't tell me to be quiet.

If all wanderers remain quiet,
How can anyone understand 
When people are too frightened
To tell the King that he has no clothes

Far too many people
Are destroying themselves
In their search for justice,
For even one person to keep quiet.

(Shamelessly adapted from lyrics by the Moody Blues)

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