Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crime Wave Hits 'The City'

Recently I read about a twenty one or two year old man who was charged with riding a bicycle without a light. The story made 'news' because he was tasered at the courthouse when he took a video camera with him to his court appearance. Now, admittedly this person was, well lets just say, a person with 'interesting' points of view.

The point is not the tasering of this 'interesting' and hardened criminal. The point is that I had not been aware that riding a bicycle without a light was a serious crime that would result in a person being dragged into court. As a result of my ignorance I was not aware of the crime wave involving such activity that was sweeping the area and the  police 'crack down' on such perps. 

Once I learned of this law and the 'crack down' I did two things; (1) I added this to my list of reasons to not ride a bike, and (2) I determined that I would keep my eyes 'peeled' for such criminal activity so that I could immediately call 911 if I observed such criminal conduct.

While on 'patrol' (driving home from work) the last few nights I have seen two instances of this rampant criminal activity. My attention was drawn to the perps, not because I observed them riding their bikes without a light, because of the flashing lights of the police cars that were at the scene and the police ossafas interrogating the bikers.

Words can not express how greatful I am, and how safe I feel, now that law enforcement is 'cracking down' on this rampant criminal activity.

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Cedar Street Kid said...

I feel much safer, too. Thanks for that important crime update.
Talking abut bikes, this reminds me of a good friend of mine, and WA HI graduate who was in his first year of teaching in Oregon. He was invited to a party one Friday night, and not wanting to risk a DUI and ruin his teaching career, he "wisely" chose to ride his bike to the party.Yep, you guessed it. He was pulled over on his way home for riding a bike while intoxicated.