Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(Alaska) Packers

Years ago an attorney, now a district court judge, was representing an injured worker in a workers' compensation claim. His client was a resident of Washington, he was hired in Washington, and he was injured in Washington. My firm (yes I had a firm back in the day when I represented the dark side) defended the Second Injury Fund. The attorney, lets just call him 'J', filed the claim in Idaho. Interesting. J received a settlement from the Idaho insurance company and pursued the Second Injury Fund for total disability. When the case was briefed, J argued a case from Alaska, called...Alaska Packers. He made a beautiful argument. He totally won that argument. Only problem was that it was not remotely relevant to the case. The Industrial Commission ruled in favor, and correctly, favor of the Second Injury Fund because it was a...get this...a Washington claim. So the lesson to be learned from this story is (Green Bay) Packers, get over it, stop whinning, and move on.

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Cedar Street Kid said...

Yep, I see the connection between the two Packers.I was a Packer fan growing up. They were kind of like the Yankees of football. But, I am a Seahawk fan since 1976.That being said, although I wanted to win that game on Monday, the victory is a little hallow, Wish they had scored earlier in the 4ht and that last play would be a moot point now. Like you said, time to move on.