Friday, August 10, 2012


Post Falls Little League is playing for the Regional Championship for the right to go to the LL World Series! A few years back CDA LL played for that right. They had a big lead going into the last 'at bat'. The coaches were 'miked' and during a 'mound' conversation the CDA pitcher told his manager that he was tired and wanted to be taken out. The manager decided to not listen, and the flood gates of runs opened and CDA lost. I felt terrible for the team and particularly for the 12 year old pitcher. I remember the manager. He had been the hot shot local LL coach of the 'league champ' team for a few years. I had ended up coaching my son's team and we were giving them a run for their money as league champs. In a key game against his team a lightning and thunder storm started. Since everyone was using metal bats I pulled my team off the field. I remembered the story of how Benjamin Franklin 'discovered' electricity. He poo-pooed my caution and pontificated that a tragedy would not occur. When the storm did not pass, and not wanting to bet my  players lives on the manager's prediction, I told my players to go home. The manager threw a tizzy fit which led to later ramifications for my 12 year old that was playing on the team even though, on the restart of the game a few days later, he switch hit against the manager's 'gun' pitcher and bounced it off the top of the center field fence to win the game. Small man ego, revenge/get back mentality...He got what he deserved in the Regional LL finals but at the cost of the emotional well being of the 12 year old taht was pitching in the Regional LL finals and the rest of the team. Oh well my 12 year old 'weathered that storm' .

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Cedar Street Kid said...

Go Post Falls. Very exciting, and I will be watching on TV.
Coaches like the one you are talking about need to take time out from coaching-permanently.