Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little Gym and Track and er Field

The post surgery effects of general anesthesia are, in a word, interesting. Contemplating nothing in particular last evening I was somehow drawn towards the 'Little Gym' and track and er field.

Character traits develop early. I believe it was the third or fourth grade. PE at the 'Little Gym'. Actually it was little and well truth be told it was also a little condemned gym. Perfect for Wallace gradeschoolers. Don't recall the teacher. Idea: Each student would perform one exercise and each of his/her classmates would do it in turn. After initiating an exercise the student would go to the end of hte line and so on.

Somewhere one quarter to one half of the way back in the line I was growing bored. A little undiagnosed attention defecit disorder I guess. My turn. Literally without malice aforethought I sprinted (I was actually a fairly swift runner at that age) forward about six or seven paces and dove up and out into...nothing, flew through the air, landed on my right shoulder, rolled as I landed and sprang to my feet.

Anxious to see the others perform the exercise I noticed the teacher's jaw seemed slack. Hmmm. To her credit not a word was said. The rest of the class proceeded with their own respective rendition of the exercise from just walking through, to kneeling on one knee, to falling forward and getting up.

Yeah, I guess it is the type of exercise that needs more of a detailed introduction and explanation. Next up...Track and er Field.

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Cedar Street Kid said...

Oh, yes, the Little Gym. I have many fond memories of that place. You were "fast" then? Hm, Well, as one gets older, one's mind does resort to some fantasy.

Seriously, nice to see you posting again. Hope you are ok