Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kebo Mountain Film Festival

Attending the recent Banff Mountain Film Festival gave me a new perspective on what rich crunchy granolas do with their time. Go to film festivals. There were more rich crunchy granolas, wannabes, and plain crunchy granolas in one spot at one time than I have ever seen. I broke out in hives.

Oh well, so what do they watch you may ask? They watch mostly long and boring advertisements for something. One particularly interesting film, 55 minutes, chronicled two young men's "kayaking" across some sea. Had it been a kayak and not some indestructible "thing" that bore no resemblance to a kayak...hey it could have been great. The biggest problems faced by the duo were getting caught in a very slow moving whirlpool that left them going in circles for eleven days and having their kayak "bumped" by...egad of all things in the sea...a shark.

Watching this film made me recall a true adventure, before the time of Kebo. My brother, along with my expertise minimal help, constructed a canoe out of apple crates. Over the apple crates were placed sheets of fiberglass, and over that some sort of goop that made it stick to the wooden crates.

Upon completion of this worthy vessel we determined to take it out, on its maiden cruise, down the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River...at flood stage. Ha. Now there was an adventure. I only wish video cameras had been around then, and not just 8 mm movie cameras. I am not sure why, because we probably would not have taken one anyway, but heck who knows?

The details of the trip are, well lets say sketchy...about all I recall is getting high centered on a huge bolder in the middle of the raging river, no life jackets, and some poor kid falling into Prichard Creek and being swept into the North Fork. Lucky for him, seriously, we happened to be careening through the area at just that moment and plucked him out of the river and into the canoe...Ah, now that was an adventure.

So, in the Kebo tradition, I am proud to announce the First Annual Kebo Mountain Film Festival. Entries must be about outdoor adventures and be of actual and real events. The festival will be held in Calder, at a suitable location (e.g. bar) the films projected onto the side of a suitable building (e.g. bar) and the dates will be sometime in August...tba (to be announced) The winner will receive a huge, okay small, hand engraved (scratched with a rock)trophy...or something of similar value...Oh, and a beer on the house.


Cedar Street Kid said...

I am sure folks will swarm in from all over the world.
Hey, GF, is it true that Sandy went bear hunting one time with a javelin that he "borrowed" from the Clarkston track team ?

Go Figure said...

Cedar: Actually it was a javelin that he bought and paid for himself. He was very serious about it and wouldn't have used some javelin from a podunk place like Clarkston. That would make a good video for the Kebo Mountain Film Fest! Too bad no video cams back then.