Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lofty Goal?

The interview with the new Cda Chief of Police in the Cda Press on Sunday reported that his goal was to make the Cda police force the best in north Idaho. Holy cow...now that is going to be a real test of commitment!

Okay...Watch out Spirit Lake et. al.  You will no longer be #1 in north Idaho!

One other tidbit reported was that the C-O-P believed that the city and citizens were ready to move on from Arfee.

Well good luck with your goal and your prognostication.


Cedar Street Kid said...

Wow, Spike is going to be really upset to hear that his Osburn force is no longer #1. I don't understand why there is a law protecting the privacy of law enforcement internal affairs when they are paid by the public, serve the public,, and therefore, in my opinion, answerable to the public.

Go Figure said...

Cedar: I wonder why a legislator doesn't take it upon him/herself to sponsor a bill to change the existing statute. It would be as simple as 1, 2, oh...I forgot...its the legislature. Ha!