Wednesday, April 24, 2013


A North Dakota newsman says 'fucking shit' on an open mike during the intro to his first appearance at a new station. Oh my gosh! Those who have never said either, or both, of those words feel free to cast the first stone. Violation of FCE regulations. Sure. Levy a fine, sure. Firing a person for the use of common every day words, give me a break. It is time for the (as Gerry Spence's aptly named book is named) "Blood Thirsty Bitches & Pious Pimps of Power" to step down off their pedestals. The movie 'Argo' is the most recent example of the use of the word by high ranking officials on a daily basis. For example, "argofuck yourself".  For an excellent example of the many varied uses of the word 'fuck' watch Boondock Saints. Rocco displays an excellent grasp of the proper usage of the word.

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Cedar Street Kid said...

I loved to watch Gerry Spence work. Great man.
As far as ND goes well, what more can I say/ It is North Dakota