Monday, October 22, 2012


"[There is a]Winter Storm Watch"

Weather Newsman Definition: Take necessary steps to be prepared for a snow fall of undetermined amounts.

KEBO'S STIPULATIVE DEFINITION: Make sure that there is 'sufficient beer' in the cooler so that we will be able to watch it snow.

Usage Example: Experienced Outdoorsman 'A' tells Outdoorsman 'B' that there is a "winter storm watch." Unless Outdoorsman 'B' is an Experienced Outdoorsman too, he may hurry off to make sure that there is plenty of warm clothing, the firewood bin is full, and the tent is securely tied down. In so doing he will completely miss the importance of the statement and neglect the most important item...'sufficient beer'. The failure to insure that there is 'sufficient beer' in the cooler could be hazardous to the physical well being of Outdoorsman 'B'. Indeed it could be a life threatening event for Outdoorsman 'B'. If it should turn out that there is not 'sufficient beer' in the cooler, Outdoorsman 'A' will likely become extremely agitated and go looking for his pistol. It should also be noted that 'sufficient beer' is a term of Outdoorsman art. It is dependent upon the variable of how long the 'winter storm watch' is in effect.

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Cedar Street Kid said...

You guys are like car insurance. Every six months you come up for renewal.