Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just One Reason--One Reason Only

To paraphrase Sean Connery acting as the submarine captain Marko Aleksandrovich Ramius in the movie The Hunt For Red October, Just One Reason-One Reason vote for Romney. If Obama is re-elected he will appoint persons to the U.S. Supreme Court that will irrevocably change the lives of all U.S. citizens. The change, I am afraid, will not be for the good.

I say Just One Reason--One Reason Only, because if Romney is elected the 'lot' of the working person in the U.S. will suffer dramatically. Yes, it is already bad, but you haven't seen anything yet.
Two simple jokes illustrates my point.

1. How do you tell an Obama supporter from a Romney supporter? An Obama supporter signs his check on the back and a Romney supporter signs checks on the front.

2. What do you do if Obama is re-elected and is able to appoint two or more new Supreme Court Justices during his second term in office?  Hmmm, I guess there is no 'punch' line. That is not funny.


Anonymous said...

I think we all should vote for the guy in New York that is with "The rent is too damn high" party!!!!

Go Figure said...

Interesting suggestion anonymous. Perhaps, New York has liberal voting laws like Cda and I can request an absentee ballot? I would just have to say, "Well, I have never lived in your fair state, but I read the NY Times from time to time...and I might want to live there...someday. It worked for the voter from California in the 2009 Cda election...why wouldn't it work in NY? Sheez, once the door is open, well look out...because I am now reminded as I write of the Cda attorney's comment to the S.Ct. Well they (the Canadian residents who voted in the Cda election) lived in Cda, and they want to move back someday, so it is legal for them to vote...Since I live in Hayden now, and since I would like to move back to Cda someday, I would like to vote in Cda's elections so I can help direct its future so it will be how I want when, and if, I do actually move back. Heck, I might get a transcript of the attorney's statement to the S.CT. and take it with me to register. I wonder if the clerk would agree? In 2009,, with Mr. Hayes at the helm, it would not happen. Oh well, it would be funny. Ha!